Improve your business performance with planning, forcasting and tracking against the budgets online
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Our goal is to move focus of financial department from routine operations to analysis

We improve budgeting process, help with payment approval process

FinPlan —
financial planning and analytics platform for SME
Suitable for
Integrates with any ERP system
Manage companies all over the world
Make better decisions
Take correct decisions based on real time financial information and data
Increase efficiency
Streamline all business processes by making them efficient and easy

Improve communication
Bring all your departments under one system to let everybody view the same information
Find your growth points
Want to see what FinPlan can do for you?

Let us show you a free personalized demo and get a
14-day free access to it
Want to see what FinPlan can do for you?

Let us show you a free personalized demo and get a 14-day free access to it
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Key capabilities that will improve your financial results

FinPlan easily integrates with accounting systems and ERP to get actual numbers in real time

FinPlan's forecasting and analytic tools allow your business to build forecast models and correct them if your actual numbers are changed

Generate cash flow, profit and loss statements and other important financial reports or build your own customized reports


Drill down the transaction in details and reach to the lowest level by stepping down from one level of a predefined data hierarchy to the next

Drill down


Do annual, monthly or complex budget planning by activities, by departments, by customers and gather all budgets in a common budget
Reliable support
Receive support through phone, online, and a community of FinPlan experts in different languages
Data security
FinPlan cloud software offers encryption for data in transit and at rest, making your system and data more secure
FinPlan has scalable cloud-based storage, remote support teams and easy interface
Value and quality-based
FinPlan cloud software can be implemented in ... weeks
FinPlan can be accessed through mobile phones and tablets
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