Financial planning and analytics platform
Everything each entrepreneur needs is placed in one App: Cash Flow control; Planning; Analytics
For Small and medium-sized enterprises
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The new reality in Finance
Finansist cloud-native solution connects people, financial data, and plans across the enterprise.
Integration with account software
Excel files import
Cutting-edge Analytics
A Platform built for Financial management
Profitability Analytics

You track your development dynamic in «Analytics» block. Our service designs graphs and charts by itself online. It tracks deviation from your plan and alerts problems: cash gap, growth temps declining, plans implementation failure on incomes and costs
Business Owner's Reports:
All necessary reports are available:
-Cash Flow Statement

Each report is easily formed and detailed for any kind of
business You can get Plan-Fact Analysis and Trends Analysis.
You can also track your company growth dynamic and
account your own indicators: quantity of goods sold,
average purchase check, break-even.

After your registration, Finansist will automatically build a
financial model that can be tuned by you with no additional
Financial planning
You're enabled to forecast the future of your business by accounting season conditions, temps of growth, price changing and more.

For budgeting you don't need to use complex formulas or write macros. A developer isn't required. It's just enough to know well the business you run.

- Planning period: 1-5 year;
- Deals observation;
-Forms automated to fill out P&L and Cash
Flow Statement;
- Budget implementation control;
Treasury management
You handle your financial flow, add scheduled payments to the system and plan incomes.

-Lists of payments;
-Cash gap prediction and tracking;
-Plan-Fact Analysis and funds control ;
-Transparency report;
KPI Evaluation
You track your metrics, break-even, growth and many other indicators. By applying KPIs to your Reports you'll
determine growth point to scale your business.
Over 5000 companies, both medium and small, are growing their business with Finansist
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